The First Baptist Church of Redlands promotes spiritual growth and preparation for all ages.


The First Baptist Church of Redlands seeks to prepare our children for a life-long journey of following and modeling afterJesus.

At this time, our children receive a Biblically based activity packet in the mail each week. Inside is their newspaper they contribute to by sharing photos and articles. Also included are suggested Christian Children videos to watch for furthering Christ-like development. Each Sunday there is a sing a-long with Jonathan (one of our musical members), and a suggested video to watch. Zoom gatherings are held weekly to encourage the build up of the children’s community.


Youth fellowship together as they continue to cultivate a relationship with Jesus that will last through adulthood.

Our youth are meeting together throughout the week! Join us Sunday mornings for Prayer & Pastry at 9:00 AM around the fountain on the patio. Baptist Youth Fellowship (BYF) is happening after worship on Sundays so join us for lunch, fellowship, and bible study. We’re gathering on Wednesday evenings following our dinner on the lawn, and on Zoom on Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm. For safety’s sake, we’re only putting out our Zoom meeting details to a known distribution list and using passwords and other tools to help maintain our security online. If you’re interested in connecting, reach out via email to here.


Find opportunities to continue building a strong faith and encouragement from each other. From bible studies to fellowship time, there is something for all needs and levels of engagement.


Uplift fellow worshippers through music ministry and nourish your faith through service and expression. If you would like to contribute to Worship during the Sunday Sermons, contact us.