“What are you doing?”

Tell us a story using only seven lines of dialogue. Then tell another story using only those same seven lines of dialogue. Now repeat that every week for an eleven sermon series covering the lives we read about in the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament); some famous, some infamous, some not-so-famous, and others who are rather obscure. And remember, you can only use seven lines of dialogue! Challenge accepted!!!

“I brought this.”

This was truly a whole church endeavor. Members of the congregation chose the characters to study. In making these short films, we had several goals: 1) Involve as many people from the congregation as possible, 2) Use some local landmarks and locations, and finally, 3) Tell good a story while paying homage to some well known film genres, film makers, and storytellers.

“Yes, I see!”

More than 40 people of all ages appeared “on screen” and another 10, or so, worked behind the scenes on props, sound, editing, and scriptwriting. Besides our own church you will recognize some well known Redlands area settings including the Laycook home, Smiley Library, the University of Redlands, our nearby Crafton Hills, and numerous “easter eggs” … And you will see the influences of “Film Noir,” Rod Serling, George Lucas, Silent era pantomime, Orson Wells and Citizen Kane, the deadpan delivery of Lemony Snickett, “The Office,” Keith Green, and more, as we retell stories and bring characters back to life from thousands of years ago.


We think so.

“Now what?”

We know you can’t wait, but we suggest you refresh yourselves with the stories. The links to our “7 Line Stories” are right here

“Maybe we should go…”

Make some popcorn and watch the films! Each film is a “stand alone” story but if you have 57 minutes they are totally binge-worthy.


Sisera and Jael
Adam and Eve
Moses and Aaron: 7 Line Story
De Nile II
Lott and Nacell
Ruth and Boaz
Citizen Eglon
Abigail and David


Through Our Eyes
Tears Left Behind