Lectionary Learning Community
Sundays @9:00am in the Heritage Room.
Curated by Sunny Hyon

Women’s Group
Sundays @9:00am at Planter Patio
Curated by Holly Allen

Agape Gathering
Sundays @9:00pm in Judson Hall Curated by Allison Quient

Children’s Bible Study and Music Exploration
Sundays @4:00pm on Zoom. Curated by Pastor Cheryl

Youth Prayer and Pastry
Sundays @9:00am on Zoom
Curated by Nathan Jones

Baptist Youth Fellowship
Sundays after worship on the Patio
Curated by Nathan Jones


Manuscript Study on James
Mondays @7:00pm on Zoom.
Curated by Pastor Nick Quient


Bible Study on Jonah
Wednesdays @6:45pm in Judson Hall
Curated by Glen Chapman

Parenting & Friendship Gathering
Wednesdays @6:45pm in the Heritage Room
Curated by Meridyth McLaren/p>

Bible Explorers
Wednesdays @6:45pm
Curated by Pastor Cheryl Sneller

Coffee and Questions
Wednesdays @6:45pm in Fellowship Hall
Curated by Rotating Facilitators

Youth Hybrid Devotional & Fellowship
Wednesdays @6:45pm in Youth Room and on Zoom
Curated by Nathan Jones

Worship Outside the Box
Wednesdays @6:45pm. Experimental and intergenerational, approximately once a month

Worship Choir
Wednesdays @7:45pm in Field Hall
Curated by Richard W. Steffen


The Corner Booth Men's Lectionary Gathering
Thursdays @6:30pm on Zoom
Curated by Ben Dillow

Youth Group
Thursdays @7:00pm on Zoom
Curated by Nathan Jones/p>

Men’s Fellowship
Third Thursdays @6:00pm. No-Host Food, Drink, and Conversation
Curated by Kevin Fisher


Women’s Bible Study: "Spiritual Gifts"
Second Saturday @7:00pm at Melinda Kluza's house. Dates flexible.
Curated by Melinda Kluza


Corner Booth
Thursdays @6:30pm on Zoom. Discussion on the previous week’s sermon Scripture.
Curated by Curated by Ben Dillow