Donating to First Baptist online is quick, easy, convenient and secure.

If you're using a Firefox browser,
please click here to be directed to our secure online donation page.

HOW DO i donate online?

Click here or on the button above to go to a secure donation page hosted by Vanco Services LLC. To make a one-time donation you do not need to create a profile - simply enter your information and then press submit. For recurring donations, you must first create a password-protected profile. Having a profile enables you to log in later to change or view your past donations without the need to re-enter personal profile information. Recurring payments can be set up as weekly or monthly. For both methods, you will see a printer-friendly confirmation page and may also request an automatic email confirmation.

do i have to sign up for electronic giving?

No, you may continue giving in whichever way you like best, and The First Baptist Church of Redlands, as always, is grateful for your generosity. However, we prayerfully ask that you consider giving electronically through Vanco. FBCR benefits from the tracking and recording offered by electronic donations which frees up time for our office administrator to do other important tasks to serve our members and the community. If you are not comfortable using a computer to donate, Angel our office administrator can do it for you. Simply fill out an information and authorization form available in the office. Any time you want to update information, she can make those changes for you.

what type of payments
are accepted?

Our online donation page can accept direct debit payments from a checking or savings account using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) as well as payments from a credit or debit card.

can I designate my donation?

First Baptist will receive an email confirmation of every online transaction and will have access to online reports detailing every transaction made. EFT transactions are withdrawn from the bank account of the donor and deposited into First Baptist’s bank account on the same day. Credit and debit card transactions are processed and deposited within 2 to 4 business days.

Is donating online secure?

Your bank account or credit card information is processed only on Vanco Services' secure system which is verified by GeoTrust, Inc. Vanco Services is a PCI (Payment Card Industry) Level 1 compliant service provider which means all transactions are handled in accordance with the most rigorous security standards. You can see more information about Vanco Services security here.

Will my donation be tax deductible?

Yes, your entire donation is tax deductible. When you make a donation you will receive a confirmation page which you can print and save for your tax records.

How much of my donation actually goes to First Baptist?

Your entire donation is tax deductible but the church pays a nominal fee to Vanco Services for the convenience and security of the services they provide. The benefits of electronic giving far outweigh these fees. Note: The lowest fees are for EFT donations.

For example:
A $100 donation by American Express would be a net contribution to FBCR of $96.05 after fees.
A $100 donation by Visa, Mastercard or Debit Card would be a net contribution of $96.80 after fees.
A $100 donation by EFT (direct debit of checking or savings account) would be a net contribution of $99.65 after fees.

In every case, however, the full $100 donation would be recorded for pledge and tax purposes.

Who do I contact if I have any issues?

Feel free to call the church office at 909-793-3289 or email Angel directly at if you run into any problems while making an online donation through Vanco.