The First Baptist Church of Redlands is committed to completing the Great Commission. Our members sacrificially and cheerfully offer up their time, talents, and resources to extend the hope of Jesus around the world.


Our church’s National and World Missions Commission helps us cultivate a growing partnership with Christians around the world. Alongside the American Baptist Churches, USA, we support mission work in areas such as the Congo, China, and the Middle East. We have also established a sister relationship with Mt. Sinai Baptist Church in La Concepcion, Nicaragua.


As part of our commitment to national and world missions, four special offerings are collected each year, and 11% of our church's general offering is designated for mission work in our local community, country, and around the world. During the month of May is our America for Christ Offering 2024. Grace Upon Grace.

Our Fellowship Fund also aids individuals and families in the church with emergency needs.

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