The Project

The First Baptist Church is proud to be partnering with the Bamaw Kachin Baptist Church to support two teachers coming to the United States to earn their Master's Degrees at the University of Redlands.

Meet Ja Seng Brim and Brang Ying

Ja Seng Brim is a Vice Principal and English teacher.

Brang Ying is a Mathematics teacher.

Ja Seng and Brang Introductions

Alice Roberts

Alice Roberts, who with her husband, created a mission school in Burma/Myanmar where they served the Kachin people until the mid-20th century. Despite her death in 1933 and the expulsion of missionaries in Burma, the Kachin carried on the tradition, creating the Bamaw Kachin Baptist Church. In 2017, two pastors from the church visited Alice Roberts' grave in Redlands and disclosed their plans for rebuilding the school and naming it in Alice's memory. After another visit the following year, the pastors asked FBCR to sponsor two of their teachers.

Thus began the partnership alongside the University of Redlands to uplift these teachers. With the generous help of the congregation, a third of the rougly $40,000 necessary total have been raised for the 18-month program.

Take a look at the full history.

Ways to Help

Consider making a regular donation to the Kachin Educational Partnership in addition to your usual church offering. Donate here.

Want to offer housing, transportation, or other ways of serving the teachers during their stay? Contact us for more information or suggestions.

Keep the teachers and the program in prayer regularly. Stay up to date by email.