The First Baptist Church of Redlands is seeking an Associate Pastor. Please see the job description below for details.

Position Description - Associate Pastor for Spiritual Formation and Community Life

The Associate Pastor will serve as one of the pastors of the congregation. This person, in cooperation and coordination with the Senior Pastor, the Christian Education Commission (and all other appropriate commissions), will administer, coordinate, resource, evaluate, “grow” the Spiritual Formation programs and activities of the church. The Associate Pastor will oversee and develop communications and technology as it is used to communicate with the congregation, to promote the church in the community, and resource worship and Spiritual Formation within the life of the congregation.

The ideal candidate:

❖ Would have a vital and growing faith in Jesus Christ

❖ Would have administrative skills to oversee and coordinate spiritual formation and Christian Education ministry, including,
   ➢ children, youth and adult Sunday School
   ➢ mid-week (Thursday) education programming
   ➢ Other educational activities and study groups

❖ Would have the skills to recruit and coordinate training for leaders and teachers within the spiritual formation realm of the church.

❖ Would have the ability to work with Senior Pastor, staff, appropriate commissions and leaders to adapt, develop and grow the educational programs and activities of the church to promote continued spiritual development of the congregation, individually and corporately.

❖ Would have a “second nature” interest and ability in technology, social media and other forms of communication and the ability to recruit people to work with the staff to communicate within the congregation, to promote the church within the community and to use various forms in the spiritual formation activities of the church.

❖ Would have a Masters degree or equivalent, have a strong theological and Biblical understanding and be comfortable in an academic environment.

❖ Will have an understanding of spiritual formation, practical ministry and pastoral care.

❖ Would have strong verbal and written communication skills and the ability to relate to and communicate with a broad spectrum of educational levels, ages, and theological perspectives.

❖ Has Standard Ordination in the American Baptist Churches, USA, or a willingness to pursue such ordination.

   This position is full-time with benefits including medical, retirement, continuing education.

To Apply:

1. Please look carefully at the church website, particularly this link for an understanding of our beliefs, values and our stance on controversial issues.

2. Please send resume and cover letter electronically to no later than December 1, 2017.