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Thursday Evenings
5:45 p.m.
Fellowship Hall

Thursday Night Dinner

Ever wonder what we will be having for Thursday Night Dinner? Look no further! The menu will be updated and posted here every Tuesday.

September 14 Menu:

Who, when, where?
11:45 a.m./7 p.m.
Board Room/Lounge

Prayer Meetings

Join us in the Board Room (Sundays at 11:45 a.m.) or the Lounge (1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 7 p.m.) as we lift up the needs of the congregation and the world in prayer. All are welcome!

Who, when, where?
10-11 a.m.
Nursery Room

Toddler Play Group

Does your toddler need a place to crawl around, be safe, clean and entertained outside of your home? Could both you and your toddler benefit from a little socializing? Join the play group meeting in the nursery on Friday mornings and let your toddler roam around for an hour while you relax with other parents. Sound good? See Barbara Stein for more information.

Who, when, where?
3 p.m.


GriefShare is restarting at a new time, 3-5 p.m., and anyone grieving is invited to come. A video seminar is shown at each session and it features some of the nation's foremost experts on grief recovery. A discussion time will follow the video to allow group participants to talk about how to deal with issues of grief. For more information contact Marge Emrick or the church office.


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