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Service to the World
bullet point Griefshare Support Group
bullet point Stephen Ministry
Service to the World
First Baptist seeks to make a difference in the lives of others both near and far. As a church, we encourage and support people in their efforts to make the love of God a living reality in the local and global communities through faithful participation in a multitude of organizations.

Local Outreach and Community Support The Local Outreach Commission coordinates our local community support. We provide regular support, assistance, and leadership to a number of local agencies such as:
Christian Counseling Service
Compassion Clinic
Family Service Association of

Habitat for Humanity
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at the University of Redlands
• Mustard Seed Tutorial Center
• Redlands Area Interfaith Council
Salvation Army of Redlands
Step By Step
to name a few.

Global Missions Our church’s National and World Missions Commission helps us cultivate a growing partnership with Christians around the world. From medical, educational, and technical support to evangelism, we work in partnership with other organizations, ministries, and churches nationally and abroad. In partnership with the American Baptist Churches, USA, we support mission work in areas such as the Congo, China, and the Middle East.  Through these partnerships, we have also established a sister relationship with Mt. Sinai Baptist Church in La Concepcion, Nicaragua whereby we are able to become personally involved in the lives of our fellow Christian brothers and sisters and see first hand the needs and blessings that the love of Jesus offers in communities all over the world.

Benevolence Fund
The First Baptist Church maintains a special Fellowship Fund to aid individuals and families in the church with emergency needs.

Local and Global Offerings
As part of our commitment to national and world missions, four special offerings are collected and 11% of our church general offering are designated for mission work in our local community, country, and around the world. In 2013, The First Baptist Church of Redlands gave more than $15,044.50 for our four special American Baptist Churches USA offerings in addition to more than $106,425.03 to benevolent and mission causes supporting local, national, and global mission outreach endeavors.


In addition to our mission work, First Baptist offers support networks for specific needs, including one-on-one counseling and grief support through our Stephen Ministry, support for adults taking care of parents, and parenting classes.

Stephen Ministry is our congregation’s one-to-one caregiving ministry for those in the church as well as in the community. There is never a charge for this service. God works through Stephen ministers to plant a seed of hope and healing in a person whose life seems barren and forlorn because of some crisis or tragedy.
What do Stephen Ministers do?
bullet point Listen
bullet point Explore feelings
bullet point Pray
bullet point Share Christ’s love
bullet point Maintain confidentiality
bullet point Attend to the caregiving process and leave the results to God
Stephen Ministers care for people who are:
bullet point Grieving
bullet point In a crisis
bullet point In need of long-term care
bullet point Dying
bullet point Hospitalized
bullet point Divorcing
bullet point Experiencing losses as they age
bullet point Going through a crisis of childbirth
bullet point The family and friends of people in crisis
* Stephen Ministers are not certified counselors and/ or therapists.
  Stephen Ministry Training
We all know how important a listening ear and caring heart can be. Our church wants to equip more people with the training that will enable them to become better listeners for people who are grieving or experiencing other stressful situations in their lives. Stephen Ministry offers those called to serve in this ministry 50 hours of training (six months of weekly classes), and upon completion of the training, the opportunity to share one hour a week with a member of our church or community in special need.

Our church knows that everyone at some time will need extra support and care. Through Stephen Ministry we are able to make an important contribution to the lives of others during critical times in their lives.
To learn more about Stephen Ministry please contact the church office.


The First Baptist Church of Redlands’ Stephen Ministry facilitates a series on grief recovery and support group for those who are suffering from the loss of a loved one or those helping others who have suffered a loss.

GriefShare consists of thirteen videos, which are self contained, allowing participants to join at any time. The video seminar features some of the nation’s foremost experts on grief recovery topics. Each seminar is combined with a grief support group discussion to allow group participants to talk about the content of the videos and about how to deal with issues of grief.

If you or someone you know in the congregation or community who is suffering from grief, please take this opportunity to find support or refer them to this support group. The series is offered at different times throughout the year. For more information, please call the church office.



1. Living With Grief
This session introduces participants to GriefShare. It also explains what living with grief is like, why participants shouldn’t be ashamed of their grief and why they shouldn’t rush their healing.
2. The Journey of Grief
This session prepares your group for what to expect along the journey of grief. At the same time, it emphasizes that everyone’s journey will be unique and warns against comparing grief experiences.
3. The Effects of Grief
Your group members are probably surprised at how debilitating grief is. This session explains that this is normal and suggests practical ways to find comfort.
4. When Your Spouse Dies
This session helps widows and widowers think through the critical issues involved in their healing. It also begins preparing your entire group to face the realities of life without their loved ones.
5. Your Family and Grief
This session shares how to keep a family afloat when its members are drowning in grief. It also presents some of the unique issues involved in grieving the death of a child.
6. Why?
Just because God doesn’t answer all of our questions doesn’t mean He won’t answer any of them. This session answers “Why” questions and encourages group members to begin asking other questions as well.

7. The Uniqueness of Grief Part 1
This session explores how the causes of, and personal responses to, a loved one’s death affect one’s grief. Topics addressed include suicide, long-term illness, murder and false guilt
8. The Uniqueness of Grief Part 2
Relationships, past and present, affect one’s grief. This session helps participants address insensitive comforters and unresolved conflict with a deceased loved one.
9. God's Prescription of Grief
The bereaved are often overwhelmed by the advice they receive from others. And often, what goes unnoticed is what God says about healing. This session tells participants how to position themselves to experience God’s healing.
10. Stuck in Grief
It’s easy to get stuck along the journey of grief, This session explains how to keep moving on the path to healing.
11. Top 20 Lessons of Grief Part 1
In this session, those who’ve walked the journey of grief will share what they’ve learned and how they’ve grown from their grief experience.
12. Top 20 Lessons of Grief Part 2
In this session we unveil the most significant lessons that can be learned during grief.
13. Heaven
This session gives practical advice on how to tap into, and hold onto, the source of hope in this disappointing world.

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