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A Caring Community for Children and Youth
bullet point Children's Ministry (ages 0 to 5th grade)
bullet point Sunday Morning Children’s Programs
bullet point Thursday Night Children's Programs
bullet point Mustard Seed Learning Center
bullet point Family Ministries
bullet point Youth Ministry (6th-12th grade)
Jesus and the children stained glass window located in the FBCR Sanctuary Building
Constructed for the new FBCR Sanctuary Building in 1952 by The Judson Studios in Los Angeles, Christ and the Children stained glass window illustrates the church's commitment to welcome, receive, and love all of God's children. Click to view larger image.
A Caring Community for Children and Youth

Caring for children and youth is a top priority at The First Baptist Church of Redlands. Spiritual, physical, social, and educational concerns are addressed in the ministries that we provide. We want the children and youth under our care to personally experience God’s love for them and to know that God wants their best in all aspects of their lives.

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We demonstrate our commitment to children, youth and their families as we:
bullet point Provide high-quality programming in all aspects of our Children’s and Youth Ministries so that they may discover what it means to grow as a disciple of Christ. This includes using relevant curriculum and planning appropriate programs, activities, and events.
bullet point Give children and youth ample opportunities to actively participate in the full life of the
church so that they may find the church to be their spiritual home.
bullet point

Recruit, train, and supervise our volunteers and staff to the highest caliber.

Screening: Those working with children and youth are required to complete a thorough screening process that includes multiple reference checks and approval by our Christian Education Commission.
Training: In conjunction with the Christian Education Commission, the Director of Youth Ministries and the Pastoral Associate for Christian Edication implement ongoing training for those serving with our children and youth. In addition, all primary volunteers leading our programs are CPR/First Aid certified through the American Red Cross. Supervision: Every children and youth classes and programs have a minimum of two screened volunteers leading at all times. In addition, the church staff members are on the grounds visiting the various classes during program hours.
(from birth to 5th grade)
Fortunately, with the busyness and oftentimes chaotic nature of taking care of our family, we don’t have to face parenting our children alone. First Baptist Redlands seeks to serve as a supportive alcove in the midst of life’s realities.
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YOUTH MINISTRY (6th to 12th grade) Middle school and high school youth at FBCR are not only cared for by their leaders but are also well connected with the congregation at large. This provides our teenagers with diverse models of Christians who are following Jesus for the long haul. Learn about all of the various activities available to our youth.
The First Baptist Church of Redlands seeks to prepare our children for a life-long journey of following Jesus.
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Fortunately, with the busyness and oftentimes chaotic nature of taking care of our family, we don’t have to face parenting our children alone. First Baptist Redlands seeks to serve as a supportive alcove in the midst of life’s realities. Our programs and events are opportunities for your family to
Connect Grow & Serve (CGS). With already full schedules, making a family outing, having a date night, attending an event, or arriving on time to a church service can be hectic. But we know that the mutual benefits received will be worth the decision to have your family involved at First Baptist Redlands.

As we Connect with friends, we will find that as parents, grandparents, great grandparents, brothers, sisters, and fellow Christian sojourners, we may share similar hopes and dreams-- that our stories are more interconnected than we have imagined. As we teach our children to connect, we will provide a foundation for them to view their faith community as an
integral component of life, no matter what stage they are in their personal development or where they choose to eventually reside. We hope to support each other to Grow in our love for our God, our families, and our friends. Ultimately, as we seek to connect with those in our midst, we all will connect to a larger church family that is seeking to extend beyond our own needs as we Serve our neighbors in Jesus' love around our community and world.

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Mustard Seed Tutorial Center was founded in 1994 by Nancie A. Nelson as a ministry of The First Baptist Church of Redlands. A public school teacher, Mrs. Nelson saw a need for after-school educational assistance that would be accessible to low-income families.

She recruited volunteer tutors from the church and began posting advertisements at her school. More and more children began enrolling for tutoring and Mrs. Nelson accumulated a sizeable base of academic resources, both teaching programs and age-appropriate literature.

In May of 2000, Mrs. Nelson incorporated Mustard Seed, officially separating from The First Baptist Church to seek additional funding as an independent, 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization.

Mrs. Nelson resigned as Executive Director at the end of the year 2000 due to complications resulting from cancer. During the months of January and February 2001, tutors and members of the Board of Directors assumed the management of Mustard Seed. Then, in March, Mrs. Nelson passed away. This was a difficult period for the program as those who knew Nancie best were attempting to keep the program afloat while grieving for the death of its founding director. Attendance fell from 80 students weekly in December to 42 in March. At this time, Cindy DeRoulhac, a local teacher who was off-track for the month, volunteered to step in as Director. Under her leadership, the program was moved from the small room in which it had begun to larger, recently renovated facilities on the third floor of the church building.

When Mrs. DeRoulhac resumed teaching at the end of March, Eric Stoddard (currently Eric Goddard) was asked to fill the role of Director. Because Mr. Goddard had not been previously associated with Mustard Seed and complete records prior to Mrs. DeRoulhac’s assumption of the program were not available, he reorganized much of the program.

As Mustard Seed entered a less chaotic period, enrollment began to climb again and new educational programs were launched. The year 2002 saw further development as attendance grew and surpassed previous levels. 2002 also saw the coming of two educational experts, Darilyn Hester and Judy Pulliam, who helped improve the quality of Mustard Seed’s academic resources and offerings. In 2003, Mustard Seed expanded its tutoring services by opening a new Reading Lab. In addition, the program hired a Coordinator of Volunteer Tutors with the intent of reinforcing its tutor corps. This employment position was successful, bringing both tutor and student participation to record levels. In 2004, Mustard Seed's computer lab was completed and opened in March. In June 2012, Mr. Eric Goddard stepped down after serving as Executive Director for eleven years.

In September 2013, the Mustard Seed Tutorial Center’s Board of Directors voted to dissolve Mustard Seed Tutorial
Center as a 501 (c)(3), not-for-profit organization, and to distribute its remaining assets to the First Baptist Church of Redlands. On November 19, 2013, Eve Tompkins-Fisher was selected by the Executive Council to recruit tutors, volunteers, financial support, leadership, and consider other areas that would allow for Mustard Seed to thrive. Currently the church is discerning how to best proceed in caring for families with children in our communities who are needing academic enrichment.

Since its inception, Mustard Seed has offered academic assistance to more than 500 local children and their families. We are confident that Mustard Seed Learning Center will continue to meet the needs of families with children in the community for many years to come.

For more information on Mustard See Learning Center, please contact Eve Tompkins-Fisher at (909) 798-4193.

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