The First Baptist Church of Redlands seeks to prepare our children for a life-long journey of following Jesus. Caring for children is a top priority. We want the children under our care to personally experience God's love for them and to know that God wants their best in all aspects of their lives.

During the time of “stay in place” for the Coronavirus 19:

Our children receive a Biblically based activity packet in the mail each week. Inside is their newspaper they contribute to by sharing photos and articles. Also included are suggested Christian Children videos to watch for furthering Christ-like development. Each Sunday there is a sing a-long with Jonathan (one of our musical members), and a suggested video to watch. Zoom gatherings are held weekly to encourage the build up of the children’s community.


Those working with children and youth are required to complete a thorough screening process that includes multiple reference checks and approval by our Christian Education Commission.


In conjunction with the Christian Education Commission, the church implements ongoing training for those serving with our children and youth. In addition, all primary volunteers leading our programs are CPR and First Aid certified through the American Red Cross.


Every children's program has a minimum of two screened volunteers at all times. In addition, the church staff members are on the grounds visiting the various classes during program hours.



Up to 24 months I Nursery Room

Welcomed by trained childcare workers, the Nursery is self-contained, with an active room and a sleeping room.


Ages 2-3 I Toddler Room

The Toddler room is a self-contained room filled with self-expressive toys and manipulatives, climbing gym, child-size kitchen, interactive books and puzzles. High ratio of childcare staff to student. Toddlers hear stories from the Bible told simply for their young minds, then participate in an activity to reinforce the idea.

God's Kids

Ages 4 to second grade I Upstairs God’s Kids rooms

Their gathering starts with a children’s choir time in the music room. God’s Kids then move into Sunday School which includes video support with added physical and craft activities that reinforce the lesson. Children’s church hour continues the lessons’ emphasis and adds more game, craft and free play opportunities. Twice a month they walk down to the church library to hear a story and check out books. On alternate Sundays they have sing along action songs. This ministry is supported by an excellent team of parent teachers and high school students.

Junior Disciples

Third to fifth grade I Upstairs corner room

Their morning starts out with the children’s choir learning led by our staff music minister. Afterwards the JD’s have an engaging Sunday School time with Bible learning, games and crafts led by long time adult volunteers. They then attend the worship service assisting with candle lighting and other diaconate functions. JDs will be invited to get a packet to help them follow the sermon topic at their level of understanding. Summer session takes place during the worship service and meets in the Lounge. Discipleship topics includes Bible, prayer, baptism, sermon, worship, communion, missions, tithing, acolytes, and hospitality. Intergenerational church members lead the topics.

Other children gatherings include:

Thursday Night Dinner Bible Explorers

Intergenerational Game Nights

Junior Disciple Campfires

Community Service